APC Pharmlog is a representative for Poland:

Mieloguard Line

Dietary supplement MIELOGUARD: Mieloguard 30 caps and Mieloguard Glyco 30 caps.​

Belinal Line

Food supplements enriched with BELINAL: Stress Minus 30 caps, Immuno Best 30 caps, Gluco Minus 30 caps, Collagen Boost 30 caps, Sport Recovery 30 caps, Cardio Cholesterol 30 caps, Brain Concentration 30 caps, Athero Flex 30 caps.

Fluimucil OTC drug

Fluimucil 600mg and Fluimucil 200mg

Dynexan OTC drug

Fluimucil 600mg and Fluimucil 200mg

Haxe line

Medical devices (Electrotherapy devices, Hearing aids, Nasal aspirators, Blood pressure monitors, Inhalers, Irrigators and toothbrushes, Sollux lamps, Electric pillows, Pulse oximeters, Personal protective equipment, Thermometers, Body care devices, Dehumidifier)​

Sofia Medica line

Dietary Supplement SOFIA MEDICA (HEMP DRY HEMP SOFIA – leaves 50gr, Tea HEMP DRY SOFIA – flower 50gr, CBD OIL 8% 10ml, CBD OIL 15% 10ml, CBD OIL 30% 10ml, CBD OIL 8% 30ml, CBD OIL 15% 30ml , CBD OIL 30% 30ml, EMULSION 50ml, EMULSION 100ml, PASTE 20% 10ml, PASTE 40% 10ml)​

Other products:

  1. Glycerin suppositories 2gx10pcs. Blisters,OTC
  2. Dermatol 5g., OTC
  3. ENEMA sol. for rectal enemas 150ml, unit use, OTC
  4. Glucose 75g. /sachet/, OTC
  5. Anhydrous lanolin 1 kg.
  6. Ichthyol ointment 10g., OTC
  7. Ichthyol ointment 30g., OTC
  8. Ointment with vitamin A 25g. Cosmetic
  9. Liquid paraffin 100g, OTC
  10. Liquid paraffin 800g, OTC
  11. Liquid paraffin 800g, not applicable to pharmaceutical raw material
  12. spirit. Salicylic atomizer. 50g., OTC
  13. spirit. Salicylic 2{O}., OTC
  14. spirit. Salicylic 2% 800g., OTC
  15. Hydrogen peroxide 3% 100g., OTC
  16. Hydrogen peroxide 3% 1kg., OTC
  17. Hydrogen peroxide atomizer 50g., OTC