Professional services for companies

We provide the most effective and customized solutions for our clients.

What we do?

Our main areas of activity:

Marketing and product management

Support at every stage of the product life

Trade and distribution

Effective management of cooperation in distribution channels, i.e. pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies

Regulatory and PV matters

Professional Pharmacovigilance services

Sales Force Outsourcing

Support your actions with the best sales force

Training and recruitment

Generate lower costs than recruitment and selection conducted in the company

About us

Since 1996, we have been cooperating with domestic and international pharmaceutical concerns.

The aim of APC Pharmlog is to provide the most effective solutions tailored to the expectations of the Customer. That is why we are open to the latest market trends and the needs of the pharmaceutical sector.

Our activity and added value is to help life science companies achieve their business goals in the field of regulatory and marketing support for medicines.

With the help of all our special forces: people, knowledge, experience, approach and modern tools, we create individual, effective and unique solutions tailored to the needs of our clients from the pharmaceutical industry.

Our values: We listen, we understand, we advise, we co-create.

In 2016, APC Pharmlog Sp z o. o. was established, which develops geographical expansion into the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, offering new services in the field of sales and product management

With the help of all our special forces: people, knowledge, experience, approach and modern tools, we create individual and unique solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. We use changes, new opportunities and perspectives – these are our main development factors.

We believe that every day is the beginning of changes. Today is that day!

Welcome to those who aim higher.

How do we work

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

We present the rules and practices applicable at APC Pharmlog regarding compliance with the law and business ethics, reflecting the high ethical standards and values applicable in the company. Each employee of APC Pharmlog is obliged to comply with the principles contained in this code when conducting business as its employee and representative.

APC Pharmlog always strives to comply with the law and regulations governing the conduct of business.

The private interests of any employee must not interfere in any way with the interests of the company

The term “confidential information” is understood as any information provided by the counterparty.

The basis for the success of APC Pharmlog are employees who, with their honesty, reliability and talents, ensure the achievement of common goals and the maintenance of appropriate values.

Offering financial benefits to government officials and employees of contractors is strictly prohibited, regardless of the country in which APC Pharmlog operates.

All reports and financial statements are prepared in accordance with the law and the company’s internal regulations in a careful, transparent and professional manner.

We offer our external customers services and products of the highest quality, including reliable assistance as well as professional and professional service.

We try to select suppliers in such a way that they are proven and trustworthy companies and that the product/service provided is of the highest quality.

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